The Grandview Elementary School Garden is an outdoor classroom where teachers can enhance the delivery and understanding of core curriculum subjects in the form of hands-on gardening

School gardens give students and community a broader understanding of the natural world and their food sources; promote environmental stewardship and deep bonds with nature; and give students a sense of connectedness to the eco-system that includes them and the community.

Studies show that experiences in the garden infinitely improve students' knowledge about and attitudes toward eating vegetables and increase their consumption of these foods. A 2007 Texas A&M study with 6th graders found that time in the garden increased their servings of fruit and vegetables by 2 1/2 servings per day; then there's the physical activity from work outside that affects wellness.

Gardens teach students tolerance, agriculture, how to nourish ourselves, importance of stewardship, appreciation for natural systems observation, critical and independent thought, achievement of life skills, encouragement of community and social development, and sense of place.

  • Students will participate in all aspects of sustainable gardening from planning and planting to harvesting and eating!
  • The garden is a place where students can learn about good food choices, build a love of nature, have social experiences with their peers and teachers, and develop an awareness of local ecology and the environment.
  • Teachers can integrate gardening into subjects, such as math, science, social studies, reading, writing, and art.
  • When the garden produces enough, it will be used in the school cafeteria.

The goal of the Grandview Elementary School Garden is to establish a network of teachers, students, parents, and other community specialists to create an educational and fun environment for all of us to learn.