We have five content specialists at Grandview who provide unique opportunities for our students to learn subjects outside of the classroom.  These subjects include Art, Music, PE, Exploratory, and Social Emotional Learning. Most people are aware of basic knowledge when it comes to Art, Music, and PE, but these classes are actually far from traditional thanks to our teachers.

Classes rotate through each content specialist for a week at a time and have a color-coded calendar that families can refer to in order to keep track of which class they have for that week.

Here is some basic information about each class and teacher:

PE - Coach Klatt not only incorporates education about nutrition into the health units during physical education, he has been a leader in helping students learn where their food comes from as he’s taken the lead on establishing and maintaining our school garden.  Coach teaches a multitude of sports and activities in class, as well as, reinforcing literacy and math skills into his exercise rotations.

Art - We are excited to welcome back Ms. Geertsema as our art teacher for the start of the 2022-23 school year. Ms. G. did her student teaching with Mrs. Saunders in the spring and did an amazing job.  So, in addition to a stellar interview, previous portfolio and the ability to showcase her skills to students leading up to the art show, we are excited to have her ability to foster a love for art and ability to help kids meet their art standards during class.

Music - Ms. Roberts continues to blend her ability to teach singing along with musical instrument play in a variety of fun and creative ways with our students. Ms. Robert’s not only plays the ukulele while leading Kindergarten to music as a way to help them creatively transition, it entertains the rest of the classes she passes by and has become a daily event for kids to look forward to! Movement and dance are also taught during this fun class!

Exploratory - Mrs. Sapinoro has combined her love of teaching with her knowledge of technology, critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and problem solving into a unique class that can only be experienced to truly be explained. Some schools offer something similar when they advertise a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) class but Mrs. Sapinoro does all that and more.  Her former role as the media specialist allows her to tap into a variety of resources and activities and students often engage in design thinking projects that are not only fun but require the application of standards they learn in class.

Social & Emotional Learning - Ms. Nelson combines the science of learning about the brain and how it impacts our health and our decisions but she also teaches students the importance of social skills and how our decisions & behavior impact one another. From understanding what influences our emotions, to how our behavior impacts others, her lessons are relevant and important in this day and age as we learn more and more about the importance of teamwork and cooperation with one another.